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КУКЛИ (Doll Dance)

Allen Nixon DDPoster  Bonnie Brown Allen Nixon

The Westwind Doll Dance was taught by Dennis Boxell. It is based on the Margarita Dikova choreography "Kukli" (dolls) as performed by the Philip Koutev Bulgarian National Folk Ensemble. A full description of the dance can be found at http://www.seanet.com/~alexs/kukli/kukli.htm. A gadulka player brings to life a story danced by four dolls. Two female dolls enter first from opposite sides of the stage. One is a pretty doll dressed in beautiful traditional clothes, the other is a plain doll with traditional but simple clothes. Later Major Domo enters in uniform to the delight of the female dolls. He leaves them when they start fighting over his attention. A shepherd doll then enters with a calming melody played on his kaval. Magically, all the dolls become happy again.

1975 video filmed during practice at Mandala in San Francisco.

1976 video filmed during dress rehearsal at Zellerbach Auditorium at UC Berkeley.